1. Introduction

  • Product Summary: CometLabs is a platform for developers to showcase their projects’ proof of work and build a more analytical resume. Recruiters can also leverage the platform to find pre-screened developers. It gives in-browser coding environments that fetch and deploy repositories to show previews and code and provide detailed insights into code quality and best practices.

  • Target Audience 1: Software Developers, College Students to 4 YoE Employees, Freelancers

  • Target Audience 2: Technical HRs, Hiring Managers, and Startup Founders.

2. Key Features and Use Cases

Publish projects using CometLabs Playgrounds:
  • Features:

    • Readymade boilerplate templates to start building projects.
    • Powerful in-browser IDEs with a dedicated containerised environment.
    • Support to over 33+ frameworks and languages.
    • Access tools like Console, Terminal, Build, Linter Tests, Dependency Picker, etc.
    • Customised playground templates like Solidity+Vite or Angular+Vite.
    • Contribute to projects from other Developers in the community
    Platform Snapshots


    Developers can start building coding projects on CometLabs directly from the Landing Page and add them to their portfolio.


    Start with a blank template and choose any framework to start with the boilerplate.


    CometLabs Playgrounds are powerful in-browser IDEs with a dedicated containerised environment spinning without configuration. Dockerised environments provide fast microVMs for each playground. It supports over 33+ frameworks and languages. Access Devtools like Lint, Preview, Build, Tests, Console, Terminal, Excalidraw, Dependency Picker, Autocomplete, Code Generation, and Refactoring.


    Sync your GitHub/GitLab repositories with CometLabs and open any repository instantly in our pre-configured playground. Upgrade your git workflow with browser collaboration, immediate branch access, Commit Changes, Review, Tests and PRs.


    Pre-Setup Templates and Code Snippets like Solidity+Vite or Angular+Vite.


    Start contributing to projects from other Developers in the community.

Create a complete portfolio required as a software developer.
  • Features:

    • Rating Developers’ Experience in Languages/Frameworks/Topics by MCQs and Code Analysis.
    • Complete Portfolio - Role, Years of Experience, Contact Info, Social Links, Work Preference, Hours of Work, Pay Range.
    • Introductory Video creation for better visibility.
    • Work Experience survey based on communication, people management, soft skills, etc.
    Platform Snapshots


    Developers get a Dashboard to make their Public Profiles in the community and get hired.


    Work Preference, Salary, and Availability details could be added.


    Detailed analysis of a developer’s expertise over skills generated using the questions/quizzes they solve and analysing their code in Github/GitLab repositories.


    Developers can record an introductory video about their experience and share it with their CometLabs profile to recruiters.


    Developers can answer the Work Experience Survey to generate results.


    Quizzes for Developers on Psychometric and Work Experience Questions.


    OCR and Resume Parsing feature and Mapping to Database Fields to autofill the Resume.


    Developers can also add other Projects to the Portfolio and explain them with links..


    Developers can also add other Projects to the Portfolio and explain them with links.

Hire pre-screened developers and assess them:
  • Features:

    • Make your company’s profile visible to developer communities.
    • Share JDs and get matched with pre-screened Developers.
    • Give Assignment Projects to Developers to Build onto CometLabs Playgrounds.
    • Tailored Question Bank in 33+ Languages and Frameworks.
    Platform Snapshots


    Dashboard for Customer to: 1) Outsource Developers from CometLabs pre-vetted Developer Pool. 2) Invite Applicants to CometLabs via ATS Integration and Send them Assignments.


    Company’s profile visible to developer communities.


    Edit Company Profile


    CometLabs pre-vetted Developer Pool.


    Schedule Developer’s Interview using CometLabs Playground IDEs. Custom Take-Home Assignments & Evaluation Tools


    Tailored Question Bank & Resources

Host Hackathons and Take Submissions on CometLabs Playground:
  • Features:

    • Hackathons Listing for companies and colleges on CometLabs.
    • Easy Participation and Project Submission along with Codebase.
    • Community Leaderboard featuring projects at every Hackathon.
    Platform Snapshots


    Live and Past Hackathons listed on CometLabs to participate organised by companies and colleges.


    Dedicated page for every Hackathon mentioning - organiser details, tracks and prizes.


    Smooth Project submission along with Codebase using Cometlabs playgrounds.


    Smooth Project submission along with Codebase using Cometlabs playgrounds.


    Community Leaderboard featuring projects at every Hackathon.

Other Pages:
  • Platform Snapshots:

    Careers at CometLabs

    Careers at CometLabs

    Blogs from CometLabs on the Latest Development Stacks and News

    Blogs from CometLabs on the Latest Development Stacks and News

    Blogs from CometLabs on the Latest Development Stacks and News

    Blogs from CometLabs on the Latest Development Stacks and News

3. Technology Stack Overview

A breakdown of the technical stack of CometLabs’ product is as follows:

4. User Experience Stories:

“As a Fresher Student Developer, I can now showcase my projects, including code, previews, and analysis of my Codebase, to strengthen my portfolio and stand out in job applications.”
“As a Developer, I get a familiar coding environment with syntax highlighting and code analysis to quickly identify and rectify errors. I can connect my GitHub account, import repositories, and deploy them in sandboxed environments.”
“As a Non-Tech Founder, I can now get easy access to pre-screened developers from CometLabs and outsource my work to them.”
“As an early startup CTO, I can now streamline the hiring process by avoiding manual review of every resumes before interview. I don’t have to look in past projects of developers, install their Codebase locally to analyse their coding practises.”
“As a Technical HR, I can quickly shortlist the developers based on their profile scores. I can assess their technical skills, give them assignments using CometLabs' playground and Question Sets without relying on my company's engineers.”
“As a Senior Developer, I get advanced insights beyond static analysis to improve our code's quality, adherence to coding standards, and overall maintainability.”

5. Market Position & Competitive Advantage:

CometLabs has positioned itself as a Developer Tools platform while solving the problems in Hiring Developers. Its competitive advantage lies in its:

  • Community First Approach: Portfolio Creation, Publishing Projects and Hackathons to onboard more and more developers.
  • Niche Developer Tools: In-Browser Intelligent Playgrounds to save time shortlisting developer profiles, showing proof of work, and sending and evaluating assignments faster.

6. Product Video (2022 July)

As our product is currently not live due to pending cloud bills, Here’s an old product video to share which we recorded in July 2022 and one even older from April 2022.

CometLabs Platform (July 2022)

CometLabs Playgrounds (April 2022)

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